Our Studies and experiments on “WELLNESS” management

Hello friends, I am Dr Jose from i-Chrysalis Integrated & Holistic Therapy Centre, Bangalore. i-Chrysalis is an Integrated and Holistic Therapy Centre, a clinic where knowledge of one’s own body, is used as a tool to prevent and manage various health issues. Through this note, I want to share significant glimpses of our research and experiences in the treatment of various diseases. India has got a vast knowledge in the field of Arogya Shastra. Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata are the great acharyas who have given their best contributions to our traditional Ayurveda. In the B C 600, Sushruta Maharshi has written in his Sushruta Samhita , that whenever you treat a person we have to treat the body as well as the mind for better healing. He explained in his Samhita, that if anything happens to the body it will affect   the mind, and conversely, if anything happens to mind it will affect   the body. Based on this Sushruta’s Siddhantha, Dr Deepak Chopra has done a resea
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